"All the World is a Stage"... and anyone on it who doesn't have their 'Acting' together is missing an enormous opportunity.  Broadcasting  & Entertainment (B&E) IS THE MOST POWERFUL AND LUCRATIVE INDUSTRY SECTOR IN THE ECONOMY, TODAY!

We are all actors.  Some good, Most Bad and the remainder merely poorly directed. That is no excuse to pass up your potential to experience All that you have in you. The good news is, there is a tremendous demand in this day and age for all those who have superior acting skills. To cultivate those, you will need the best tools. 

It is one thing to act out in life.  It is another to stand before a camera or an audience and create characters of substance in art that matters, time after time without fail. Hit the mark every time and you can take the results to the bank with regularity.

What we offer here at AFTSPA in our 'Acting Anyone' courses is the finest technique created by the greatest acting teacher who ever lived.  His name was Sanford Meisner.  His actors, trained in the 20th century numbered in the thousands and their faces and names appeared in hundreds of the greatest performances ever given.

His technique is flawless and failsafe.  His method was pure genius and was responsible for creating the healthiest workers in the performing arts.  The craft he promoted throughout the last century is far more valued today, than it was during his lifetime.  The 'names' that came from his classroom garnered more 'Oscars,' 'Tonys,' 'Obies,' 'Drama Desks,' 'Pulitzers' and every other prestigious acting, writing and directing award, than those of any other teacher in history.  Names like Duvall, Peck, Woodward, Keaton, Wallach, Goldblum, Gere, McQueen, Ashley, Basinger, Caan, Mamet, Channing, Grant, Grey, Jackson, Lloyd, Steenburgen, Pollack, the list is almost endless.  It even includes the current CEO of CBS-TV, Les Moonves. (Incidently, he is the highest paid executive in the US.)

Unfortunately, Meisner did not live to see the incredible reach of his work, from teachers like Bill Esper, Wynn Handman, Marian Seldes, Richard Pinter, Fred Kareman and more. His technique is now taught universally and is considered by most knowledgeable directors and casting directors as the healthiest method of all.

In fact, most will tell you that 'the technique' never fails.  (I know that is true.) It is taught in more acting schools as part of their regular curriculum, than any other method. While many can claim to have worked in 'the technique,' only a handful remain who actually worked with the 'Master,' himself. There are even fewer who truly understand its power and how much more pertinent than ever it is.

Here at the Academy of Film, Television, Stage and Performing Arts (AFTSPA), we have not only experienced its power, we have applied it successfully to all of our work.  A graduate of the Neighborhood Playhouse nearly a half century ago and a successful actor, writer and director myself, I can think of no greater tool for learning the craft of acting, or how to live one's life.  It is founded entirely in Imagination, Truth, Integrity and the creative application of all of those things to the telling of stories that must be told.

In these days, where those qualities are needed now more than ever, your talent is calling. If we are to have a future, if it is in your heart to explore the possibilities locked inside you, this is a place to start. Classes are forming, now!  

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David Patrick Wilson

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